Albora hotel
г. Санкт-Петербург, наб. канала Грибоедова, 133а
+7 (812) 645-645-5
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History of ALBORA Boutique Hotel

ALBORA Boutique hotel will become for you a worthy companion in the world of emotions and vibrations of our city. And you would definitely like to come back again to enjoy the absorbing hospitality and unique atmosphere with this companion.

Hotel History

The name of the ALBORA Boutique Hotel is inspired by a romantic and incredibly beautiful Spanish song (Alborada), which is usually sung by a man of his lover at sunset. Like this song, every smallest detail of our hotel fascinates with its beauty and inspires for special achievements.

The place for the hotel was not chosen by chance: the beautiful historical center of St. Petersburg - the embankment of the Griboedov Canal - with a special atmosphere of calm and tranquility, as well as the proximity of the theater life of St. Petersburg, played a significant role in the development of the ALBORA Boutique Hotel concept. The theater, with its pure inspiration, formed the basis for the ALBORA Boutique Hotel theme rooms, and the history of the building still lives within the walls of the hotel. The building in which the boutique hotel is located takes its history from the end of the 18th - beginning of the 19th centuries, when the military engineer Ulyanov G.F. designed and proceeded with the construction of the emergency ward building for the Barracks of the Marine Guards crew. The style of the facade was repeated standing next to the Barracks and was made in the style of "eclecticism". During the reconstruction of the building and the creation of a boutique hotel, it was especially important for us to preserve the style of the building and a single combination of the entire architectural ensemble. Everything is done so that hotel guests can be inspired not only by the theatrical atmosphere, but also part of the architectural heritage of St. Petersburg.