Albora hotel
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Pillow Menu

For a comfortable sleep guests can choose from 7 different types of pillows for a relaxing stay at ALBORA Boutique Hotel:

Standard Lux - white goose down - soft, elastic pillow, able to "breathe", the natural fluff is specially light.
Zen - microfiber with impregnation of Aloe Vera - hypoallergenic, soft and medium elastic pillow, has beneficial effect on the skin during sleep.
Royal Jacquard - camel down - pillow is medium dense and elastic, gives a person useful "dry heat", ideal for winter.
Bamboo Dreams - bamboo fiber, polyester fiber - soft, elastic pillow, has antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties.
Woolmaster - sheep wool - the most dense and elastic pillow, has hygroscopicity and good thermoregulation.
Air Control - polyurethane with memory effect - hypoallergenic, orthopedic, elastic pillow with "memory" effect, ensures the correct position of the neck and head.
Eucalyptus Dreams - eucalyptus fiber Sensotex - hypoallergenic, soft pillow, especially for people with sensitive skin.

We do everything to make you Wake up in a great mood and full of energy!

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