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Souvenirs and presents

What is the best way to share your impressions of your vacations with loved ones?

Tell them about the incredible architecture of St. Petersburg, show some photographs of the main attractions and, of course, present them a memorable souvenir.

ALBORA Boutique Hotel can offer many soulful gifts that surely become exalted presents for your family and friends.

Our Guests can choose from a wide variety of souvenirs: Matryoshkas (Russian dolls), Faberge eggs, fancy caskets and dolls.

Souvenir Matryoshkas from the White Nights company have a number of distinctive features. For example, potal is used in the decoration of souvenirs. It’s a gilding material that is an imitation of gold leaf with the difference that there is no gold in it. The themes used by the White Nights craftsmen are varied. Usually they depict different stories form Russian fairy tales, views of St. Petersburg, traditional attires, ballet, as well as the Zhostovo painting.
The souvenir Faberge eggs presented in our hotel are exact copies of the famous Faberge Eggs form the Faberge Museum in St. Petersburg. It looks almost impossible to distinguish them, moreover some of the souvenirs are musical.

The caskets and dolls presented ALBORA Boutique Hotel are made using the multilayer papier-mâché technique, in which each separate layer of the souvenir is dried in the oven. Only the most experienced craftsmen are allowed to paint such souvenirs, because creation of one casket or doll can take up to three months, and if the craftsman will make just one mistake in will be necessary to recreate the whole thing.

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